Table of Contents

  1. LEARNING TO SKI:  A young and discontent college student is invited on a ski trip that ends up changing his life.
  2. THE GOLD MINE:  A thrilling story about life at 6,000 feet underground.
  3. TRYING TO BE A COWBOY:  A young ski-bum tries his luck in a professional rodeo.
  4. LEARNING TO CLIMB:  Early adventures on some big rocks.
  5. BIG AIR:  John and his friend Rick are trying to compete in the aerial division of the professional  freestyle circuit.
  6. THE ASPEN TOWN DOWNHILL: Going 80 MPH on skis is just as exciting as it sounds.
  7. A SUMMER IN THE NEEDLES OF SOUTH DAKOTA:  An exciting story about a climbing paradise.
  8. ADVENTURE IN THE ANDES:  Exploring some big mountains in Peru.
  9. GRANITE MOUNTAIN:  A very humorous climbing saga.
  10. OUTLAWS HAVING FUN:  Four classic desert spires and a very classic river.
  11. TOO MUCH FUN: How kayaking ruined my climbing career. An incredible trip down the Grand Canyon.
  12. IN WINTER IT’S CHILE:  A humorous and exciting story about paddling and making a movie.
  13. THE CLARK’S FORK OF THE YELLOWSTONE:  A great kayak adventure
  14. STEEP CREEKING:  Paddling some of Colorado’s unexplored rivers.
  15. SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE DEAD:  Exploring extreme rivers in the Patagonia region of Southern Chile.
  16. THE CLASSIC RIVERS OF NEPAL:  Three Colorado boaters paddle six pristine rivers in the heart of the Himalayas.
  17. WELCOME TO THE WILD WEST:  Six kayakers paddle 230 miles of a pristine river in the wild western Humla district of Nepal.
  18. THE LITTLE NORTH FORK OF THE MIDDLE FEATHER:  Five kayakers find more action then they want on a steep creek in the California Sierras.
  19. COTAHUASI:  THE GEM OF THE ANDES:  An amazing trip through a remote canyon filled with Inca ruins.
  20. EARTHQUAKE IN THE COLCA:  Team Advil embarks on a mission to paddle one of the classic canyons of the Atacoma desert in southern Peru.
  21. CRUISING CAL AT FIFTY:  Two middle-age paddlers hit the road and tackle some of California’s classic class V canyons.
  22. ESCAPE FROM THE MEKONG:  An attempted first descent of the Mekong River in Tibet.
  23. DIVORCE BOAT IN THE GRAND CANYON; John and his wife Mary embark on a 230 mile journey with a two person kayak.
  24. THE MUTE DEVIL AND THE VOLCANOES OF SOUTHERN CHILE: Two Colorado skiers go on a mission to climb and ski South American peaks.
  25. THE HOUSE THAT GREW:  Thirteen years of intermittent labor and a bunch of recycled material turn a handy man’s nightmare into a passive solar dream house.
  26. BACK TO THE ANIMAS: A group of middle-age paddlers return to one of the classic rivers that they had enjoyed in their youth.
  27. HOPE FOR THE ENDANGERED PLANET: A page of inspirational quotes.